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Election Committee

Effective July 1, 2015, the Election Committee was combined with the Nomination Committee to form the new Governance Committee. The mandate of the Election Committee to review the regulations and procedures governing Council elections will be part of this new Council committee.

In 2015, the election of Council members occurred on April 7. Following a six-week voting period, 23 members of the profession were elected to Council. Members were elected from six regions and seven school systems, with special category positions for principals and vice-principals, supervisory officers, private schools and faculties of education.

A total of 66 candidates were eligible to seek election. A total of five positions were acclaimed. Two positions, both Northeast regional positions, were vacant during the voting period as there were no eligible nominations received. Voter turnout was 2.45 per cent.

Elected Council members took part in a two-day orientation with all Council members in May 2015 before beginning their term on July 1. 

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