College Council (After July 4)

Elected Members

photo : Brian Beal, OCT

Brian Beal, OCT

photo : Brigitte Bidal-Piquette, OCT

Brigitte (Bidal) Piquette, OCT

photo : Irene Cheung, OCT

Irene Cheung, OCT

photo : Ann Ciaschini, OCT

Ann Ciaschini, OCT

photo : Angela De-Palma, OCT

Angela De Palma, OCT

photo : Susan Elliot-Johns, OCT

Susan Elliot-Johns, OCT

photo : Tim Gernstein, OCT

Tim Gernstein, OCT

photo : Matthew Kavanagh, OCT

Matthew Kavanagh, OCT

photo : Colleen Landers

Colleen Landers

photo : Shanlee Linton, OCT

Shanlee Linton, OCT

photo : Myreille Loubert, OCT

Myreille Loubert, OCT

photo : Shannon Marcus, OCT

Shannon Marcus, OCT

photo : Richard Michaud, OCT

Richard Michaud, OCT

photo : William Ngassam, OCT

William Ngassam, OCT

photo : Sara Nouini, OCT

Sara Nouini, OCT

photo : Terry Price, OCT

Terry Price, OCT

photo : Rob Ryan, OCT

Rob Ryan, OCT

photo : Anthony Samcheck, OCT

Anthony Samcheck, OCT

photo : Vicki Shannon, OCT

Vicki Shannon, OCT

photo : Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart, OCT

photo : Stephane Vallee, OCT

Stéphane Vallée, OCT

photo : Ravi Vethamany, OCT

Ravi Vethamany, OCT

photo : Wes Vickers, OCT

Wes Vickers, OCT

photo : Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT

Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT

Appointed Members

photo : Jean-Luc Bernard

Jean-Luc Bernard, OCT

photo : Shabnum Budhwani

Shabnum Budhwani

photo : Marie-Louise Chartrand

Marie-Louise Chartrand

photo : Elizabeth Edgar-Webkamigad, OCT

Elizabeth Edgar-Webkamigad. OCT

photo : Robert Gagné

Robert Gagné

photo : Marie-Therese Hokayem

Marie-Therese Hokayem

photo : Godwin Ifedi

Godwin Ifedi

photo : Jane Ishibashi

Jane Ishibashi

photo : Bill Petrie

Bill Petrie

photo : Tom Potter

Tom Potter

photo : Ronna Warsh

Ronna Warsh

photo : Marie-Claude Yaacov

Marie-Claude Yaacov

CEO and Registrar

photo : Michael Salvatori, OCT

Michael Salvatori, OCT


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