Committees at Work


Quality Assurance Committee

Council’s Quality Assurance Committee assesses the College’s performance related to the objects or purposes established in the Ontario College of Teachers Act. The committee reviews each of these objects and identifies opportuni­ties to further support the achievement of them. It reports at least annually to Council.

In 2015, the committee presented Council with the findings of its three-year review of all the College objects. The committee found the College had successfully met its mandate both effectively and efficiently through the introduction of a variety of new processes designed to streamline existing procedures.  Based on the committee’s recommendations, Council approved a bylaw amendment to mandate that the Chair of Council be a member of the committee.  This bylaw amendment will take effect on July 1, 2018, unless an elected member vacancy of the committee occurs prior to June 30, 2018.

In accordance with the committee’s mandate to review College objects, the committee approved an assessment rubric to provide a template to conduct this review. The rubric is focused on a review of key College initiatives that demonstrate how the College is meeting its objects, and it provides a set of questions and factors to guide the review. This new rubric will support the committee by ensuring consistency and accuracy in its work. Based on a recommendation made by the committee, the rubric also facilitates the inclusion of risk assessment in the presentations made to the committee on the College objects.

In connection with the external review of the College’s investigations and discipline practices, Council approved conflicts of interest and bias guidelines developed by the committee. The committee also supported the development of a Council member mentorship program, in which experienced Council members assist new Council members in understanding their role.  


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