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Registration Appeals Committee

The College provides a fair and transparent appeal process for denied applicants through its Registration Appeals Committee. The committee hears appeals from applicants who were not granted membership in the College or who had conditions placed on their teaching certificate. The committee’s work ensures applicants are treated fairly and maintains public confidence in the decisions the College Registrar makes on behalf of the teaching profession.

In 2015, new council members were appointed to the committee. Committee members participated in training sessions to keep current regarding issues affecting the registration appeals process, including sessions on the committee’s processes, the legislative framework, the certification process in various international jurisdictions, the credential assessment, the suitability requirement, human rights issues, and the guiding principles for deliberations and writing decisions.

In 2015, the Registration Appeals Committee met 15 times during which the committee heard 24 appeals (19 in English and five in French). Sixteen appellants made oral presentations (15 in person and one via video conference) to the committee to support their case, and a further eight were reviewed as part of a paper review process. Four cases were withdrawn because information submitted during the appeal process provided evidence for certification.

Reasons for Denial of Certification Resulting in Appeals




Teacher education program not acceptable


Degree not acceptable


Language proficiency as a primary reason


Both teacher education program and language proficiency not acceptable


Professional Suitability





No appeals of a condition on a certificate or appeals for reinstatement of a certificate were received.

Appeal Outcomes

Original decision upheld


Original decision overturned


Original decision modified





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