College Council

Elected Members

photo : Stephanie Achkewich, OCT

Stephanie Achkewich, OCT

photo : Alexander (Sandy) Bass, OCT

Alexander (Sandy) Bass, OCT

photo : Christine Bellini, OCT

Christine Bellini, OCT


photo : Ahmed Bouragba, OCT

Ahmed Bouragba, OCT


photo : Maria Bouwmeester, OCT

Maria Bouwmeester, OCT

photo : Angela De Palma, OCT

Angela De Palma, OCT


photo : Irene Dembek, OCT

Irene Dembek, OCT

photo : Gale Dores, OCT

Gale Dores, OCT

photo : Marc Dubois, OCT

Marc Dubois, OCT

photo : Monika Ferenczy, OCT

Monika Ferenczy, OCT

photo : Jacqueline Gray, OCT

Jacqueline Gray, OCT

photo : Allyn Janicki, OCT

Allyn Janicki, OCT

photo : Matthew Kavanagh, OCT

Matthew Kavanagh, OCT

photo : Shanlee Linton, OCT

Shanlee Linton, OCT

photo : Myreille Loubert, OCT

Myreille Loubert, OCT

photo : Mary Lou Mackie, OCT

Mary Lou Mackie, OCT

photo : Liz Papadopoulos, OCT

Liz Papadopoulos, OCT

photo : Terry Price, OCT

Terry Price, OCT

photo : Vicky Shannon, OCT

Vicky Shannon, OCT

photo : Louis Sloan, OCT

Louis Sloan, OCT

photo : Kara Smith, OCT

Kara Smith, OCT

photo : Demetri Vacratsis, OCT

Demetri Vacratsis, OCT

photo : Wes Vickers, OCT

Wes Vickers, OCT

Appointed Members

photo : Danny Anckle

Danny Anckle

photo : Jean-Luc Bernard, OCT

Jean-Luc Bernard, OCT

photo : Shabnum Budhwani

Shabnum Budhwani

photo : Marie-Louise Chartrand

Marie-Louise Chartrand

photo : Monique Châteauvert

Monique Châteauvert

photo : Dobi-Dawn Frenette

Dobi-Dawn Frenette

photo : Robert Gagné

Robert Gagné

photo : E. Clyde Glasgow

E. Clyde Glasgow

photo : Mel Greif

Mel Greif

photo : Bill Kirkwood

Bill Kirkwood

photo : Monique Lapalme-Arsenault

Monique Lapalme Arseneault

photo : Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson

photo : Pauline Smart

Pauline Smart

photo : John Tucker

John Tucker

CEO and Registrar

photo : Michael Salvatori, OCT

Michael Salvatori, OCT


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