Committees at Work

Registration Appeals Committee

The College provides a fair and transparent appeal process for denied applicants through its Registration Appeals Committee. Unsuccessful applicants may appeal a College decision to deny registration as an Ontario Certified Teacher.

The committee hears appeals from applicants who were not granted membership in the College or who had conditions placed on their teaching licence. The committee’s work ensures applicants are treated fairly and maintains public confidence in the decisions the College Registrar makes on behalf of the teaching profession.

In 2013, the Registration Appeals Committee considered 25 appeals. Seventeen appellants made oral presentations to the committee to support their case. Two cases were withdrawn because information submitted during the appeal process provided evidence for certification.

Committee members participated in training sessions to keep current about issues affecting the registration appeals process. The training included sessions on appellant documentation related to judicial matters and the certification process in various international jurisdictions.

Reasons for Denial of Certification Resulting in Appeals Reviewed by the Registration Appeals Committee



Teacher education program not acceptable


Degree not acceptable under the

Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation


Professional Suitability





1 In one case, the appellant failed to meet both the academic and professional requirements.

2 No appeals of a condition on a certificate or appeals for reinstatement of a certificate were received.

In addition to the primary reasons for denial listed above, six appellants failed to satisfy the College’s language proficiency requirements.

Appeal Outcomes

Original Decision Upheld


Original Decision Overturned


Original Decision Modified





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