Committees at Work

Election Committee

The Election Committee is a special committee of Council that reviews the regulations and procedures governing Council elections.

In 2013, the Election Committee continued preparations for the next election of Council members. The teaching profession will elect 23 Council members in 2015. Members will be elected from six regions and seven school systems with special category positions for principals and vice-principals, supervisory officers, private schools and faculties of education.

The Election Committee approved a budget and detailed calendar of dates for the election. The 2015 election will be held on April 7, 2015.

The committee is focused on increasing candidate and voter awareness of the election to encourage greater voter participation in 2015. To that end, the committee has approved strategies to increase candidate and voter participation, including a personalized mailing to all eligible voters during the election period.

In April, Council approved the Election Committee’s recommendation that the Minister of Education revise the election regulation to increase the nomination review period from five to 10 days.

The Election Committee also began to investigate a change to employment requirements for the faculty of education-elected Council position. The requirement to be in a tenure or tenure-track position has steadily decreased the number of eligible voters and possible candidates for this position over the past elections. The committee consulted with education stakeholders and will assess the feedback received in 2014.


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