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Accreditation Committee

The College’s Accreditation Committee ensures the quality of teacher education programs in Ontario through the regular review and accreditation of these programs.

The accreditation process assures the profession and the public that teacher education programs meet the requirements established under regulation. The programs integrate theory and practice so that graduates are prepared and qualified for today’s classrooms.

The Accreditation Committee appoints an accreditation panel to review each pre-service teacher education program. Each panel has a minimum of six members, including one person nominated by the institution administering the program under review. Existing programs are reviewed cyclically, usually every seven years, to confirm that the program continues to meet regulatory requirements.

Panel members normally visit the campus after examining all documents submitted by the faculty. They conduct on-site interviews with faculty members and various stakeholders, examine artifacts, and review facilities and resources. Members of the public are always provided with an opportunity to offer feedback about the programs under review.

The panel then develops its report, setting out its recommendations and detailing its supporting evidence. The Accreditation Committee considers the information in the panel’s report and issues a decision.

Enhanced Teacher Education Program

Beginning on September 1, 2015, the initial teacher education program at Ontario’s faculties of education will expand to four semesters and include twice the amount of practice teaching time (80 days, up from 40). The enhanced program includes greater attention to students’ mental health and well-being, how to teach with technology, and diversity among other core elements.

The Accreditation Regulation was amended in October 2013 to describe the requirements for the enhanced teacher education program and the transition process for accredited programs. The Accreditation Committee will play a critical role in the accreditation of enhanced programs at all Ontario faculties of education.

Accreditation Reviews

The College reviewed the accreditation of 14 teacher education programs at Ontario faculties of education in 2013. All programs were renewals of currently accredited programs except for the following two programs:

The Accreditation Committee renewed the accreditation of the following programs of professional education:

In late 2013, an accreditation panel reviewed a renewal application for accreditation of the pre-service programs at the Faculty of Education at Trent University. This decision will be available in the next annual report.

Monitoring Programs with Conditions

A faculty of education is required to provide an annual report when a teacher education program is accredited with conditions. This report details the faculty’s progress in satisfying the conditions of their program’s accreditation. Faculties may also request that the committee remove conditions from accredited programs.

The Accreditation Committee reviewed and received annual reports for the following programs:

The committee removed all conditions from the Lakehead single-degree Honours Bachelor of Education (Aboriginal) consecutive program (Primary/Junior). Some conditions were removed from its consecutive and concurrent Bachelor of Education programs. Conditions were retained for its multi-session consecutive program for teaching Native Languages (Native Language Teacher’s Certification Program).

The committee also granted extensions of accreditation to several faculties. Accreditation Committee decisions for professional teacher education programs, including extensions, are posted on the College website.

Public Input

The College welcomes public input about the teacher education programs it reviews.

An email notification tool on the College website allows members of the public to learn about upcoming accreditation reviews and offer input on the quality of the programs for the panel’s consideration. The College also welcomes presentations made directly to the panel. Open forum meetings are held during accreditation site visits to provide the public with opportunities to offer input to the panel.

Visit our website to learn about our upcoming accreditation reviews.

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The Pre-Service Accreditation Handbook was updated in 2013 with new examples of supporting criteria for each of the accreditation requirements. Sample templates that faculties may wish to use when preparing their applications for accreditation were also included.


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