Editorial Board

The College’s quarterly award-winning magazine Professionally Speaking provides practical advice and information on educational trends, and explores a wide range of ideas and approaches Ontario certified teachers use in the classroom.

The magazine, home delivered to more teachers than any other educational publication in Canada, delivers inspiring stories from our members across the province, in-depth articles and resources relevant to today’s teachers and their profession, and need-to-know news about changes to education in Ontario and abroad.

It also features profiles of remarkable teachers who have made a real impact on the lives of Canadian celebrities like actor Paul Gross, Canada’s Governor General David Johnston and television journalist Lisa LaFlamme.

The Editorial Board is responsible for setting editorial and advertising policy for the magazine, which has one of the largest readerships of education magazines in North America. The French version, Pour parler profession, is the only French-language education magazine that all teachers working in Ontario French-language schools receive.

The board reviews and selects submissions for each issue, looking for a balance of articles that will interest the College’s very diverse membership. Each issue highlights the achievements of teachers whose exemplary practice has earned them provincial or national acclaim, and provides these award winners with an opportunity to share their teaching philosophies and tips with their colleagues.

The College’s commitment to transparency and accountability is reflected in the pages of the Governing Ourselves section of the magazine. In this section, members and the public can read reports about Council and committee activities, from reports on the accreditation of teacher education programs to summaries of the disciplinary hearings that are also a mandatory part of professional self-regulation.

The Mandate section of the magazine highlights the objectives of the College and the work of committees and staff who support their implementation.

Feedback from College members about what features of the College magazine they find most useful in their work, or the most enjoyable, helps the Editorial Board continually improve our official publication. The judgment of experts in the magazine publishing industry is another important source of feedback.

The College magazine wrapped up another impressive awards season by earning a silver and two honourable mentions at the prestigious US-based Tabbie Awards.

It is the fifth year in a row that the College magazine has emerged a winner at the Tabbies, the international competition for trade, association and business publications.

Teaching without Schools: Haiti after the Earthquake, published in September 2010, picked up a silver for the Design of an Opening Page or Spread.

The September issue was also one of only three to receive an honourable mention for its front-cover photograph.

On the editorial side, an Exemplary Teacher article was praised as one of only two entries to receive an honourable mention in the Department category.

The College quarterly also won several Kenneth R. Wilson (KRW) awards in Canadian business journalism.

Professionally Speaking and its sister French-language publication Pour parler profession took home a gold, a silver and two honourable mention awards.

Jessica Leeder’s Teaching without Schools: Haiti after the Earthquake won gold for Art Direction of an Opening Spread or Complete Feature.

The magazine’s two honourable mentions were awarded for the Haiti feature in two significant categories – Best Cover and Best Photograph.

The KRW Awards were founded by the Canadian Business Press in 1954 to provide annual recognition for achievement in professional and business-to-business publications across Canada.

In 2011, the Editorial Board developed the member survey based on research requests from Council committees to provide information that helps guide their initiatives. The survey reveals the passion, commitment and dedication that drive the work of Ontario teachers.

In 2011, advertising sales for our four print editions of the magazine totaled $994,557.12 The advertising sales on the magazine’s microsite have brought in an additional $28,238.32.

The Professionally Speaking microsite averaged a little over 4,000 visitors per month in 2011. The most popular destination on the site was Leanne Miller’s March 2010 article about the professional learning initiative known as Lesson Study, followed by the Transition to Teaching study.

The next most popular destination on the site was Governing Ourselves, as members and the public checked the summaries of Discipline Committee decisions.

The roughly 50,000 visitors to the magazine microsite pale in comparison to the million-plus members, friends and family who take a look at the four print issues of the magazine each year. However, the numbers demonstrate that the online version of the magazine plays two important roles – providing public access to our official publication and serving as an online archive for our members.

Professionally Speaking is an efficient means of reaching our members and continues to be highly cost effective. In 2011, the per-member annual cost for four issues – including postage – was about $2.94.