Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair and Vice-Chair of Council, the chairs of the Accreditation, Discipline, Finance, Fitness to Practise, Investigation, Registration Appeals, and Standards of Practice and Education committees, and must include a minimum of two publicly appointed members of Council. It meets, at minimum, four times each year.

At its December 2010 meeting, College Council approved recommendations to re-focus the mandate of the Executive Committee to only those tasks outlined in legislation. Council approved changes to the College bylaws in March 2011 to remove section 20 Executive Delegation so that only Council may delegate additional activities to the Executive Committee. Section 3.06 of the bylaws was also amended to eliminate the need for the Executive Committee to review committee reports prior to Council meetings.

Based on recommendations of the Nomination Committee, the Executive Committee made several appointments to fill statutory, standing, regulatory and special committee vacancies as they occurred.

The committee led an investigation of the per diem rates paid by the government to appointed Council members. The research revealed three different levels of per diems for public appointees in Ontario serving on various agencies, boards and commissions. The per diem rate for appointed Council members is at the lowest level and the Council has asked the Minister of Education to consider this matter.

In 2010 the Board of the Ontario College of Teachers Foundation directed the Registrar to transfer the funds of the Ontario College of Teachers Foundation to the Toronto Community Foundation. This transfer took place in June 2010 and the fund is called the Joseph W. Atkinson Scholarship Fund. The Executive Committee is now responsible for the selection of a candidate.

The committee selected Courtney Edwards as the recipient of the Joseph W. Atkinson Scholarship award for the 2011-2012 year. Council presented her with the award at its December meeting.

In 2011, the committee also examined the possibility of establishing two new scholarships or awards. Research continues in this area and in 2012, Council will consider this matter.

The Executive Committee has the authority to make an interim order directing the Registrar to suspend a Certificate of Qualification and Registration if it is of the opinion that the actions or conduct of the member exposes or is likely to expose students to harm or injury. During 2011, the committee referred one case to the Fitness to Practise Committee where it requested that the matter be dealt with expeditiously.