Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee is a special committee of Council mandated to assess the performance of the College relative to the 11 objects, or purposes, set out for the College in the Ontario College of Teachers Act. In addition to reviewing each of the objects in turn, the committee also identifies opportunities to further support the achievement of these 11 objects and report, at a minimum, annually to Council.

In 2011, the committee completed its review of the 11 objects by assessing the College policies and processes related to membership in the College, the Foundations of Professional Practice and the College’s investigation and hearings mandate. A final report of the committee observations will be presented to Council in 2012.

At Council’s request, the committee undertook a review of the mandate and composition of the Executive Committee. In 2011, Council approved recommendations to amend the College bylaws to refocus the Executive Committee mandate and affirmed the committee composition as is.

Council also requested that the Quality Assurance Committee undertake a review of the role of the College’s Registrar as prosecutor in disciplinary matters and the role of the College’s Council committees as adjudicative bodies. The findings of this review will be considered by Council in 2012.