Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is a special committee of Council. The committee prepares recommendations for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of Council and for membership on each of the Council committees at the inaugural meeting of Council.

During the term of the Council, the committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding committee membership and elected-member Council positions as vacancies occur.

In 2011, the committee twice interviewed prospective candidates for positions left vacant by incumbent Council members. The committee recommended the appointment of Allyn Janicki, OCT, to fill the southcentral region full-time position and recommended the appointment of Monika Ferenczy, OCT to fill the French-language public board elementary or secondary position.

In 2011, the Committee met on five occasions to develop recommendations to the Executive Committee or Council on the filling of elected and appointed Committee vacancies.

The committee also recommended to Council that Ontario Regulation 345/96 (French-language appointments to Council) be amended by increasing the number of French-speaking government appointees to Council from two to three representatives to ensure the College can provide its mandated services. Council approved this recommendation and forwarded the request to the Minister of Education for consideration.