Appealing College Decisions

Registration Appeals Committee

The College licenses more than 12,000 new teachers every year, but not everyone who applies is able to meet the requirements set out in legislation to be a teacher in Ontario.

To ensure fairness and maintain public confidence in the decisions the Registrar makes on behalf of the teaching profession, unsuccessful applicants may appeal a College decision to deny registration as an Ontario Certified Teacher.

The College provides access to a fair and transparent appeal mechanism through the Registration Appeals Committee, which hears appeals from applicants who have not been granted membership in the College or who have had restrictions placed on their teaching licence.

In 2011, the Registration Appeals Committee considered 13 appeals from appellants who were not granted membership in the College or who had conditions placed on their teaching certificate. Five appellants made oral presentations to the committee in support of their case.

During the year, the committee reviewed and provided feedback for revisions to its administrative guidelines, protocols and rules of procedure.

Committee members participated in training sessions to keep current regarding issues affecting the registration appeals process, including sessions on acceptable documentation requirements for evaluation purposes, document assessment and the certification process in various international jurisdictions.

Reasons for Denial of Certification Resulting in
Appeals Reviewed by the Registration Appeals Committee


1 In addition to the primary reasons for denial listed above, three of the appellants also failed to satisfy the College’s language proficiency requirements.

2 One appellant was granted certification with conditions, which he chose to appeal. One appeal was received requesting reinstatement of a certificate, bringing the total number of appeals considered by the committee to 13.

Teacher education program completed by distance education1
Teacher education program not acceptable5
Degree not acceptable under the Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation2
Language Proficiency31

Appeal Outcomes

Original Decision Upheld10
Original Decision Overturned2
Original Decision Modified1

Accreditation Appeal Committee

The role of the Accreditation Appeal Committee is to hear appeal applications from teacher education providers that have been denied accreditation or who have been awarded accreditation with conditions.

The appeal process ensures fairness in the accreditation of pre-service programs and in-service courses in allowing those who appeal to present new information and seek to have the decision reviewed.

There were no appeals in 2011. However, in an effort to remain current in the event of an appeal, the committee members participated in a training session concerning principles for accreditation and reasons and decision writing.