Committees at Work

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a special committee of Council focused on Council governance, Council and committee membership, and the election of Council members. It offers guidance on governance issues such as risk assessment, evaluation and Council member development, succession planning and transition effectiveness.

In 2020, the committee focused on further defining the renewed governance framework, the application process for committees and developing the competency profiles associated with each. These were key recommendations from Council in 2019 stemming from the external governance review completed by Governance Solutions Inc in 2018.

The Governance Committee engaged an external facilitator to assist in the development of competency profiles for use with the application processes. Through a series of facilitated workshops, the committee confirmed that the goals for identifying competencies and attributes are to:

  • communicate with potential applicants, members of the College and the public, what is needed for successful participation as a Council or committee member
  • enable applicants to highlight how they currently possess certain competencies, or how they plan to gain such competence and their willingness to do so
  • assist applicants to assess their own interest/skills/aptitudes against the position requirements.

As required by its mandate in regulation, the Governance Committee began preparations for the election of College members to the 9th Council. In addition to approving a budget of $391,500 for the 2021 election, the committee approved the voting procedures and a calendar of dates for the election in 2020/21. The election was halted when the Act amendments moving to a renewed governance framework received Royal Assent in December.


  • Irene Dembek, OCT (e)
  • Richard Filion (a)
  • Tim Gernstein, OCT (e)
  • John Hamilton, OCT (e)
  • Sara Nouini, OCT (e)
  • Thomas (Tom) Potter (a) (Chair)
  • Jonathan Rose (a) (Vice-Chair)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected