Committees at Work

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is a special committee of Council that monitors the implementation of the College salary program, advises Council on the hiring processes for the Registrar and Deputy Registrar, and makes recommendations to Council on human resources policies.

The Human Resources Committee usually meets three to four times a year, however in 2020, the committee met on 14 occasions. The committee’s work included the development of a compensation philosophy and policy for College staff that was subsequently approved by Council.

The committee also focused on developing a staffing and recruitment plan for the position of Registrar. With the additional participation of the chairs of two other committees, a selection committee was formed to conduct a comprehensive recruitment process. The selection committee’s recommendation was endorsed by Council in December.

Human Resources 

  • Timothy Kwiatkowski, OCT (e)
  • Élaine Legault (a) (from December 10)
  • Marlène Marwah (a) (to November 28)
  • Michelle Miner-Seal (a) (Chair) (to November 28)
  • Gerry O’Reilly, OCT (e) (Vice-Chair) (to August 31)
  • Bonnie Oakes Charron (a) (from December 10)
  • Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT (e)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected